Apps & tools

Native Login (3)
CodinGame Kotlin kit (1)
How to download the JSON files used to store replays on CG? (6)
Cg_referee : A generic tool to compare your bots locally (11)
C# Tool - join multiple files into one big file (1)
GM Script to maximize the console and minimize IDE in combination with CG sync (2)
[Greasemonkey] On/Off CG player button (avoid high CPU consumption) (4)
How to get input data of each questions? (7)
Mute someone in the CG Chat (2)
Developpeur lance un sondage pour un futur jeux (2)
Rust Code Bundler (1)
Introducing Codingame Connector, coding and testing outside webbrowser (2)
Using machine learning for creating solutions (2)
[Greasemonkey] Simple file-to-ide sync (8)
Multiplayer helper Chrome extension (9)
Merging multiple files to one for CG : CHelper Plugin for IntelliJ - Java (3)
Simple online graphing "calculator" (4)
Translating a project to a single file (7)
Customization script (incl. a black IDE) (9)
GPG firmed (3)
CodinGame IDEA Editor (7)
Job Store (1)
What is the duration of the contests? (5)
Github Login (3)
Enhancing Codingame, How can i contribute (3)
Android tracker for The Great Escape contest (7)
Karalabe's CodinGame Toolkit (1)
Java Tools (2)