Call for the next community contests contributors


Will the API / Tools to do games be open soonish ? I'm kind of interested, but I would probably want to screw around with the tools first to know what I would get myself into.


You can mess around offline for a few months already, a minimalistic example is here.
You can also clone previous community contests and play them offline - with viewable replays.


It has been integrated to the platform!

By going to contribute tab and clicking "contribute" you have now new options to choose from.

The moderation steps stays the same for now.



What I have:

What Antisquid has:


Wups, I went ahead of myself. It'll be released quite soon though. Around the beginning of next week. Sorry :smiley:


The update has finally been released last week.

Anyone can play with the sdk and upload the game/puzzle on CodinGame using the "contribute tab". The contributions cannot be published yet, but at least, you can share a link to the demo. If you get into any trouble, don't hesitate to ask for help.

Also, I've decided to modify a bit how we handle the creation of community contests. Until now, there was a waiting list and I created teams of contributors according to that list. This solution was not ideal for many reasons.

Here's how we'll handle it now:

1) Anyone interested in creating a game/puzzle can now make a prototype using the sdk and push it on CodinGame. I let you team up with whoever you want.
2) Once you're happy with your prototype, instead of publishing the draft on CodinGame and have it accepted or refused by moderators, you can ping me.
3) We'll review the prototype and discuss with you what needs to be done for it to become an official CodinGame contest.
4) We'll discuss things on Discord instead of Slack. I've created a #community-contests channel there.

The documentation contains some guidelines. We'll keep it updated.


Did you forget to enable the buttons for all users? Can see them on illedan because of BOTG, but not on my test alt.
Others are complaining about the same problem.


OK, there was a misunderstanding internally. The feature won't be available until we finished the second part which allows to publish it. However, I can grant anyone the role to access it; just ask me.


pinging everyone in the waiting list in case you didn't see my last message (sorry if you did):

@dominisz @nicola1 @ndc @pierre31 @resty-daze @Tryum @Cosmo @freehumorist @llllllllll @Qward @CyberLemonade @Aquamoth @Asphalt @splanard @M.M @Magus @Illedan @RockyMullet @TheDayIsMyEnemy @ZarthaxX @Kiwo1 @Faellan @Garvys @Pierromagien @Wellan @emh @Zenoscave

also pinging those I know could be interested in:

@pb4 @reCurse @BeberLeNewbie
@Stilgart @JBM @player_one (especially for solo puzzles contests)

Long story short

  • You can create any kind of games using the CodinGame sdk (solo, multi, opti...)
  • The doc is here
  • You're free to prototype a game with whoever you want
  • Ping me there when you have a working proto so we can review it and discuss the possibility of making it a contest
  • Ping me if you want to push your game privately on CG so I can give you access
  • Let's discuss further stuff in #community-contests (Discord)


I'm working on a prototype for a multiplayer game, but there's nothing to test at the moment (we already discussed of the game with you and Jupoulton on the slack). More news "soon" :smiley:

But i also wanted to create a solo/optimization puzzle. I have no good idea for the moment.


I feel pinged.

Long story short

  • Java :unamused:
  • still seems like a lot of work for little reward
  • considering the sorry state of the community puzzle queue's current approval requirements' consistency, some of that work actually feels like artificial hoops
  • the second bullet was euphemism
  • XMPP, Slack, Discord... how much community fragmentation are we aiming at?
  • Java :tired_face:

Mmm, this feels more rant-y than intended. Here's some balance:

  • looks promising, but I'd rather let the others iron it out than waste my own time on it.
  • realistically, all the solo puzzles need is a "referee language" / "referee code" box in replacement of all of the test case output panes. For extra points, an option for a "generator code" in lieu of the input ones. Not a full-assed frameworked API.
  • so yes, I don't really care that much about the viewer. I'm on CG to exercise my wits, not to make it the attractive useless-to-dev site that seems to have been the driving guideline lately.

In a nutshell, I'm open to helping other contributors who actually relish the Java, but I'll think twice before committing any time to any of this.

PS: in the doc you link, clicking on "next" or anywhere in the outline pane yields an error #412 "Only the CodinGamer associated with this test session can access it". Please contact
I'm not sure I want to do that again :smiley:


I have a good idea for solo opti puzzle. Very simple though.

I am curious what you're referring to.


my story was shorter :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm genuinely curious to know which reward you get from helping to improve the quality of community contributions (which seem like quite a lot of work to me; and thank you for that) that you wouldn't get from creating a contest.

Slack will just be replaced by Discord.

Good old puzzles can make great contests. I did ping you thinking you would be interested in making such puzzles.


15XP, no questions asked.

Ironically, they're worth less than at the time it was 0XP. Market norms vs social norms.


I forgot to mention it but the reward for creating a contest is 2500 XP.


Creating a contest is self-rewarding in adventure and experience. But if this is not a domain you are interested in, i can understand there is little to no reward.


Time to relearn java :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: If I ever make a game, dont you guys trash talk my noob java referee code


And zero for "helping to improve it" AFAICT.
Anyway, the meat wasn't the 15XP, who are marginal at best despite their market/social displacement leverage; the point is that the "no questions asked" part changes a lot.


I trashtalked every single referee until now except MeanMax ! Don't worry ...... :smiley:


Tip: write it in Clojure.