Chuck Norris puzzle discussion


There isn't any problem with the puzzle. It has been solved by thousands of other developers.

If you fail test G, change the mode to expert mode (left tab: settings), and test a custom input (G) and output (what G should be in CN language)


Thank you for helping me.

I tested my code with the expert mode and all my test succed but i dont pass the final validation.


HI, I have got the "Solution" but the system doesn't accept it, I guess is because the type of my output ... I have it in String does anyone knows which type should it be?

thanks in advance!


The solution can only be printed as a string. So the type doesn't matter (If you print an integer, it will still be a string). There must be something else wrong with your solution. Do you have the correct amount of zeros and spaces?


Thank You for the help, it was my bad...instead of use "System.out" i was using "System.err"



What is the solution for the test 4 ?

i have an error but i don't know where, i can't see the full true result.

here my result :


i have got solution that completely work on my localhost
Python 3.7.0 (default, Aug 30 2018, 14:32:33)
[GCC 8.2.1 20180801 (Red Hat 8.2.1-2)] on linux
but doesn’t work on your service
i have got an error about re.split(), than delimiter must be non-empty somebody, pls, help me


Hi Matioso

I have all my tests which are ok but only the last one is not good and i don’t know why too.
There is a shift but don’t know where…
Which is you language?


Hi ,

My test case is failing for the last one. and working for rest all three. any suggestions pls.