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Is there anyone done simulation how the game would change if single barrack could build any of type creeps? Now, those giants and archers feels useless units. Maybe, if you wouldn’t need to dedicate a barrack for one type then it would make sense to use giants and archers.

Still, this is fun game. Thank you :slight_smile:

In the wood league there is no automatic gold generation even though the instructions say that 10 gold will generate at the end of every turn. Perhaps this is happening for my games because I exceeded wood league when I was in the contest?

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It appears there have been some changes in the game engine.
Have these been made public ? And if not (which I beleive is the case), when will they be made public ?

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For now, this enables people to submit their previous code and go up the leagues without having to make their code compatible with lower leagues, which is nice :slight_smile:

Would be great to have a list of changes.

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If I was starting the contest from scratch, I’m not entirely sure I would appreciate to be smashed by bots using unknown rules ^^
But otherwise, for the others it’s nice.

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Changes made:

  • Asymmetric spawning fixed
  • 250 turns

  • Nerfed knights: 30 HP -> 25 HP

  • Maximum population: 30 (every friendly unit counts for 1)

  • Statement updated


I start the competition today, so I am in the wood league, first rank.
We do not gain gold each turn, so we start with 100 and it does not increase.
Moreover, after 200 turns the game does not finish, even if the players’s queen has more HP than the bot’s queen.

Is it a problem for everybody ?

Thank you !

EDIT : I did not notice that 200 turns is 500 frame, sorry, you can “win”, but there is no message.

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The number of turns were increased to 250(2 frames per turn),
I have the gold problem too.

Thank you for the information :slight_smile:

Gold seems to be fixed.

On the overview page of the puzzle:

Created by 3 CodinGamers, csj , harshch000 & Netbattler11. Code Royale is the second challenge crafted by the community!

On the overview page of BotG:

Created by 3 CodinGamers, AntiSquid, Illedan, and Wildum. Botters of the Galaxy is the second challenge crafted by the community!

I see a contradiction here :wink:
And why does “External resources CR Post Mortem” link to Thibaud’s post on when it will be released?

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Thanks for the information !
However, I had already noticed the spawning had changed and was much improved, and I’m interested in the new spawning formula, which I spent 3 hours trying to reverse yesterday and couldn’t find.
Is it possible to simply update the code on the github repository ? (Or at least give us the precise new formulas)

PS: The statement (at least in bronze) still specifies that knights have 30HP.


i have a question is there any totorals to look at that show you what to do?

Check this video out:

damn, you’re quick :smiley:

I’ll add the video to the external ressources and correct what has been reported by @eulerscheZahl (thanks :heart:)

thanks thats the fastest reply i got and how well this help me make a game of my own??

His bot was silver in contest. If you pay attention to what he is doing ./ says you should easily get gold even in multi.

Thank you for the change logs. However the french statement is not up-to-date (knight HP, number of rounds, no link to the referee).

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