Code vs Zombies - Feedback & Strategies


Forget Javascript and use C++ :smiley:
I know a few tricks for performances in Javascript but you can’t really go fast with javascript. Avoid anonymous functions when you can, avoid array functions like map, forEach and filter. Avoid the use of objects and array when you can.


Merci Magus
Will try your advices. You were able to reach a very high rank using javascript so i hope to run all tests at least one time :wink:


The contest was a 24 hours contest. And in the code i used, performances was not required. Doing a contest in 24 hours is not the same as trying to do your best at the optimization puzzle :stuck_out_tongue:


Can a Zombie kill more than one human per turn?
Can Ash kill more than one human per turn?


No. But multiples zombies car try to kill the same human at the same time :smiley: But there’s no effect. The human is still dead.

You are supposed to protect the humans :scream:


How did you decide the length of chromosome? I believe you used sequence of positions that Ash should move as chromosome. But the number of moves Ash should do till the end of game changes from test to test. Can you explain you Ga briefly, please?