Code VS Zombies - Optimization - Puzzle discussion


You could improve that and finding better solutions between the next frame (with lower time) and begin the simulation with current game state. The algorithm might find still better solutions. If so, just update the path. You can repeat that in every frame.


It won’t compute a score for me. I am submitting with Python3.


We had an issue yesterday with the submits. It is solved now.


I have a problem with the YNext move of a zombie. In a map with one human and one zombie, the XNext of the zombie will be the X of the human but the YNext will be a weird integer changing each turn.

It does not seem normal to me but if it does, i would appreciate some explanation about this behavior.



Is something wrong with the ranking? Some players have 0 score now.


We’re currently changing the machines used for optimization puzzles (+code golf puzzles). Hence, we’re rerunning all solutions.


Any chance you can check the current status of the Code Golf and Optimization problems? None of them show the score or the leaderboards. It’s most likely an internal bug.