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Thanks a lot selslack, the one is the tooltip is the one taken into account but the one which was correct was the printed one :/.

Please resubmit your solution.

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Hey, all, ~1100 points without understanding the logic, just by trying some things. Is it normal?

Has anyone under 1000 points understood the logic?


Me, today:


Douglas Adams’ class problem are the worst... We don’t even have the definite answer for this one!


What are Douglas Adams' class problems?


the same for me : I don't get it for now. A little idea but not very sure and detailed one.
On the other side, i just used a random answer and it gave me a not so bad rannking (for a random)

Chaos programming represents'


Does anyone have a clue? Even small...


Look at the last turn and find why/how the game stop. This is how i understood everything.


Brain is a weird muscle. I got this part only "late", far after I got the basics.

For me the trick was to output a single letter at a time a log the debug console in text file. A pattern emerged relatively fast, as soon as I started logging the results in text files and "play the difference"


how could you logged that in a retrievable file in the ide? In fact looging in a file is no probem it's retrieve the file afterwards...
Thx for the hint


Copy/Paste from the debug log into a txt file for ex? To be able to compare the console out from one try to the other.


Copy/Paste, sometimes it's so simple you just dont think about it!!
Naity, thx a lot :wink:


I've noticed somethings and understood a bit what is the goal but I still not understand the utility of the first three inputs :frowning: !


The third is obvious, looking at the default code. For the first two, if you really have understood the goal, ask yourself which information could be important to know.


Thanks for replying yes I know the utility of the second and the tirhd but I do not think it is usefull... for me the third one can be static according to test cases and the second one can be determined without knowing its value. The third onei don't have any idea :frowning:

Edit : Illuminated idea :smiley: I am too complicated, I have to stop to think as a static square :stuck_out_tongue:


As for me, I do not understand why we have 5 actions, not 4. What is doing 5th action? What is the goal? To find exit? Some special place? So, why test stoppes early. I'm sure, if i'd have more turns, i'll find it.


Finally my illuminated idea is the correct answer, but I don't know exactly how the points are counted :frowning:

Now I find it very difficult to implement a good solution... if it is what I think :slightly_smiling:


hello guys, what an interesting game !

I think i got the problem statement and the scoring system. :slightly_smiling:

Now it's time to optimize and fight you top guys !


That's a great puzzle, I love the idea.
And I finally understood how it works! :slightly_smiling:


I think I understood some things, still the scoring / goal is not really clear to me. Got to try some random ideas to understand more :-/ Anyway, fun kind of challenge.