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Hmmm, I have one validator failed (M2L2), can I have its error output somehow? I don't have M2L2 in my test cases...


Probably you hard-coded the number of entities. There was a validator with more entities than on testcases


Nope, I've read about M3L3 above and made my code more generic according to that info

Edit: found my problem and also found my topology assumption was wrong



Can somebody help me? I don't know if it's a bug, or intentional, but for the following sequence I get [26:31] as the last integer pair on M1L1:


Thanks for help.


This is intentional behavior.
You did "a character" wrong


I figure out all the inputs, now I need to work on my algorythm. Because 2000 point isn't good enough for me.


I've put only print("C") and passed all the tests... what I'm doing wrong?


It's not about just passing, but getting a high score.


Hi all,

i figured out all the input too but i have some issues about the calculated score.
I assume that each ████████████████████████ give you 2pts (excluding ████████) but sometimes there is a kind of 100 bonus pts but i can't figure out where it's come from ^^

I think it's when you avoid an ennemy but i'm not sure, any other ideas ?


[caviar added]


That's some serious spoiler right there.


I'll say this without spoiler:

The +100 bonus points should happen when you finish a game without dying. But there's a bug and in some case, you die and the +100 is still apply. Codingame can't remove the bug without rerunning every code to update the ranks. I'll let you test the case when the +100 is appied or not.


Ok thanks, sorry for the spoilers :confused:


Nice, thanks CG for the puzzle, it took me some time to figure it out but I know what is going on now, got a few points with a naive solution. I'ld love to see those 13k point code has I think it require another level algorithm, it would be very interesting for me to read them. Congratz to those ladder leader :slight_smile:


yo codingame staff could you please tell me why you cut off stderr output after a few rounds?

u know.. first i get lines like theese:

and suddenly losing ~20 lines of output:

makes me sad.

especially in this challenge it makes no sense to have such a limitation so small.


You just have to reduce your output.


But especially for this puzzle for which there is no UI, the only way to understand what's happening is precisely to output all "data"...
For other puzzles, sometimes you really need to output a maximum of info to be able to reproduce then debug an issue.
The limitation is too small and unpredictable.


well i reverse engineered all inputs and outputs successfully. its not a matter of figuring the contest out.
i'm beyond that.
right now all i care about is visual eye candy and that's just not possible using stderr due to that limitation.
if i'd want to print the state of each round I'd probably hit it after just a few rounds.


I wrote my own frontend and replay library. Even made a Level editor.


Really nice puzzle, indeed. I understood the logic and what condition will make the game terminate.

However, there are two things I just do not understand.
First, what are the first 4 input characters of each turn or rather what do they determine.
Second, I do not understand what limits/hinders my movement as it often stops way before the actual game borders..

Any hints?


The answer to question 1 also explains question 2. That's my hint :wink: