[Community Puzzle] The Frog Jump 1


“Distances are in meters, rounded to the nearest centimeter. That is, distances are rounded to the nearest multiple of 0.01”

What do you get when you round your 0.0363 and 0.0771 jump distances? :wink:


Thanks for making me feel so stupid ! :grinning:
I read this “rounded” statement but I didn’t measure it was useful in this context.

Thanks @Mercy38


Still got this validator problem (using Python3) for the 6th case. Any idea ?


Is it the 0,0 validator?


Yep. I finally found the solution. It seems the problem was that I was looping through the list to find the position of my frog. I rather inserted my computed distance into the list, sorted / reversed the list and output the index+1 of my computed distance.
Thanks for your help.