Feature update: chat rework

“The webpage at wss://chat.codingame.com:5281/xmpp-websocket might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.” - Seems to be office has blocked this url.

So cool news for me… :dizzy_face:

Hi, can you try https://chat.codingame.com:5281/xmpp-websocket instead of wss:// please ?
If you get a page stating “It works![…]” you should be able to access the chat.
If yes and you still cannot access the chat, would you mind telling us what browser (and version) you’re using and if the websocket protocol is deactivated?

Hi, Im still getting the same issue.

The webpage at https://chat.codingame.com:5281/xmpp-websocket might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

Google Chrome:Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit)

IRC chat was working OK.
websocket protocol is Activated.

Seems to be office has blocked this url by specific rules. (My theory)

OK So I’m guessing you have a firewall or something that prevents you from using the 5281 port (or the “chat” keyword ?). No more chatting in office :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we will try to bring the chat back on a more common port, but for now it is not a priority

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Seems to be a firewall.(Super security :rage:.)

No one can stop me solving puzzles while working…:grin:

It’s Ok, thanks for trying to help me

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Hello There

It is me again, with some awesome news.
As you know the chat client that you were using for a month now was just a prototype, and as you may have noticed we deployed today the actual CodinGame chat client.

What it does

To list only new features compared to the prototype, this chat now has (to list the most important changes):

  • Gamer-cards upon hovering avatars
  • CodinGuardians as moderators
  • An automatic pastebin for when you paste too much (that will be improved with syntax colouring). Only for groupchats for now
  • Clickable links (yay!)
  • SOUNDZ for when you’re not looking and someone mentions/PM you
  • A minimized mode where you can see previews of messages
  • Asynchronous private messages so you can send messages to your friends when they are offline (they will get them when they log in). About that : you can PM someone who is on the chat, via the chat. Or you can PM someone who is following you, from his gamer-card. You will be able to change the settings for this in the future.

What else you can expect

This is a v1, as we only had about a month of development, and we have a lot of really cool feature ideas that should be implemented progressively. Among them:

  • Performance boosts: the CodinGame chat client is pretty intensive in terms of CPU/RAM usage, so we’re definitely going to improve that (even if it’s real better than the prototype).
  • Emojis : yay, emojis \o/
  • Invite people to Clash of Code
  • Share code more easily
  • Settings : right now we have basic behaviours enabled, like for notifications or private messages, and we aim at allowing you to customize these at will.
  • Persistant channel state : If you decide to open the channels #general, #java, #foo and #bar, as well as private conversation with your buddies, we want to be able to open them by default the next time you come to CodinGame.
  • Other information, like your friends changing leagues, contest related announcements, …

And plenty more of them, and maybe you have cool ideas we haven’t thought about, so please share :slight_smile:

What we heard you saying

We always keep an eye on the chat and on the forums, and some recurring requests regarding the chat are:

  • A way to close it : because you have several tabs open, or it takes up too much RAM or simply don’t want to talk
  • A way to extract it to a new window : for multiple screen use
  • Performance, Performance, Performance

We are looking into these, and discussing about what other changes these would bring

All feedbacks are welcome, so if you’re having any trouble with the chat, or if you think it looks great, or if you think the “open/close” button should be on top, or whatever really, feel free to post your thought on this thread :slight_smile: Or ping me on the chat even :wink:


The new chat is realy clean!

as for the suggestion, I believe that a chat log going back a few day would be great.

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On the todo list :slight_smile: we’re thinking something like most social networks do, if you scroll up we load the next chunk of 50 log messages, so you don’t download the whole internet at once, but if you want you can scroll up to the begining of times.
It’s coming in the v2 !

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It would be better to have a chat log as a separate page, e.g. per day, with anchor links to each individual message. Scrolling up to see what someone said three hours ago on a crowded chat is quite a bad idea. searching through a big log page is much easier and handy in my opinion.

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And your solution would also make the history available for those using an external client.

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I do look into a way to completely disable the chat.

Sorry, guys, if I’m not on the same wavelength with you, but I’m here to do some coding as a means of pure relaxation. Any chat-like distraction is not welcome.

ABP Element Hiding Helper is able to hide chat contents, but with this update a big white margin emerged unexpectedly in the right column, and there’s no way to remove it.

I hope this is fixed soon.

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Magus (I think?) made a userscript (for use with greasemonkey on firefox or tampermonkey on chrome) for that : https://github.com/dreignier/web-hacks/blob/master/scripts/codingame.com/no-chat.user.js

There is still a white margin on the forum, but not on other pages.

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Thank you! That helps a lot!

I can’t really do anything about it. The CSS of the website is not really gentle :frowning: But i kill the chat service (it’s not just a display: none;) so you won’t have any request for the chat.

Soon: people who aren’t male also able to be sent PMs via their gamer cards.

(In case that was just a language issue, maybe try “their gamer card” instead)

My desire to be able to escape the chat is actually potentially related as people here and elsewhere seem to think that only men belong. Well, that and open trolling, harassment, flooding, et cetera. I still don’t understand why this needs “looking into” but if there’s a problem to solve perhaps issue it as a challenge to the people here. I can’t imagine it would last long when faced with the amount of talent floating around this place.

Edit: It looks like the chat does minimise now and goes away nicely without any popups or such forcing me to see whatever potentially horrible things people may have to say. Hooray!

There is no girl on internet. Only FBI agents.

Seriously well i never faced the problem (since i’m not a girl). But we are on a website for coders and i secretly hoped that we were far away for this behaviors :frowning:

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Hello princessriikka,
Thank you for pointing out this typo. I usually use the neutral from but it seems I have slipped.

On the exchanges with the community, I never ever felt any atmosphere of male-only-ness. And as I’m working on the chat system, I am there nearly 24/7. Furthermore, I have never seen any conversation where gender mattered, or was even mentioned, so I am really surprised about your feeling.
If you encounter harassment, flooding, bad behaviour or anything like that, feel free to go to the profile of the CodinGamer and click the “report abuse” button on the top right of the screen, and we’ll look into their (his or her :wink: ) chat/forum/other activity.

Regarding extracting the chat, it means creating an entire page for it, UI and UX included, and that is a fair amount of work. And we can’t have our community work for us for free on this ^^

While I sympathize with your frustration on the gender issue of pronouns in English, I don’t think it’s fair to get upset at @VonRickroll’s usage, since gender-neutral pronouns in the language are still in debate.


There are many academics who claim that the use of “they” in replace of he / she is improper. While I don’t agree with this viewpoint, and try to remember to use “they” in my own writing, I don’t think it makes sense to criticize someone for using gender-neutral “he” or other commonly accepted gender-neutral pronouns. It is a commonly accepted practice.

Just my 2¢.

  • danBhentschel

Thanks ^^ interesting article
Although in my case, while I also try to use “they” as neutral form, I come from the French language where masculine is the neutral form so I tend to inconsciously default to that.

I don’t think it makes sense to criticise me for the fact that there’s simply no way to tell at a glance the difference between another instance of “lol women think they can code” and someone who thinks for whatever reason, fair or not, that masculine terms are right to use for everyone and, more importantly for my point here, unambiguous.

Is it even possible to talk about people who are male any more without saying “people who are male?” I’m told from so many people who don’t want to take any kind of care in their communications that every male term (“guy,” “man,” “dude,” “bro,” etc. and their plurals) is not associated with the male gender at all and I’m just being whiny. Maybe it’s time some people who are male get a bit whiny and take back their words so I don’t have to live with them any longer.

Said people opposing decent language, whether or not it’s just a guise to cover up intent to continue raising the male gender to the top (no, I don’t buy this “all male terms are for everybody” nonsense, in case that wasn’t clear), might consider for the sake of their arguments firstly that their chosen term is, because of them doing this, ambiguous, and secondly that languages can and do change. “They” being “improper” is a choice that people are making, not some set in stone law of the universe. Even the page you linked points out that ’ the use of masculine pronouns in a generic sense creates “male bias”’ so I’d also like to ask for consideration of another point: is it more important to hold to a language standard (more of a commonly used construct, really. Who made ‘he’ a requirement?) invented by people who may well have intended the very issue that brought on my first post here, or to bend one little rule to avoid excluding or at the least othering people?

Lastly, there are alternatives involving neither ‘they’ nor ‘he.’ It seems plausible that one could avoid ever having to use either by constructing sentences for the purpose. Alternatively, one could choose or invent a gender neutral term that doesn’t upset any of the suggested ‘many academics’ by making use of an existing word that’s been used for the purpose for centuries. Singular “they” is commonly accepted usage.

Bonus: Not everyone is male xor female.
Bonus 2:

If you were you probably wouldn’t think that’s funny.