Feature update: chat rework

I’m very sorry. It was not my intention to upset or offend. If I have done so, please accept my apology.

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I totally concur. I think male players of codingame must make an effort to drive the community towards more inclusion. Because this cliché of “programming is only for males” has lived long enough, and must disappear now.

Passive (and not so passive also, but way less frequently) sexism is present on the chat. Mostly because people don’t realize it … not to excuse. It wouldn’t cost too much effort to make people aware that what they are saying is not inclusive, and driving part of the coders community away.

I think we should also make an effort to stop assuming everyone is human. So ponies don’t get offended.


Let use Radchaai as the primary language for Codingame! It would be “just, and proper, and beneficial”.

The new chat is awesome. It would be nice that we can resize the chat window.

Apparently the chat now has a sm(al)l popup that cant be disabled when someone mentions our name… It’s actu(al)ly a nice feature, but now I had to change my nick because the glob(al) chat produced a popup (al)ert basic(al)ly (al)l the time since about h(al)f the messages contained my two letter nick “aL”. I guess I’m (al)one with this problem so I won’t complain and just change my nick :smiley:


I pretty sure we will look at it. Don’t worry

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No, I really think it’s a nice feature, my last sentence was totally serious. And I already changed my nick.
Just thought it’s funny and wanted to share :smiley:

Ok ok, jitsi works. But its not that nice to use for CG. Here are the steps:

File -> Enter Chatroom, Enter the chatroom name followed by @conference.codingame.com
Select „More“ and input your nick. Teilnehmen.

Once entered the chatrooms stay in the main window.

Bonus: Private Chats.
They are a bit complicated as you have no buddy list, and the user list in the chat rooms does not contain the correct targets. You can get the id from the browser developer tools. Easiest way is to start a private chat on the site, then see in the xmpp-websocket for the message. They contain the id.
With that select File -> Add Contact, enter the ID and a Nick.
You can not get the presence until they have allowed you to add them, which is not possible from the website.

I’ve followed the JBM guide to connect through Pidgin.
The step 3 (Fetching the room list) took more than 10mn. It worked at the end of the day though.
The list of chan is flooded by code clash channels.

Just wanted to mention it (since I’ve been tempted to just kill the process)

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