Languages update


As mentioned on discord i loose multiple ms doing almost nothing in Java. I recognized that i timeout very often on codealamode currently so i added some time measurements.

Following code

            System.err.println("aaa " + (System.nanoTime() - begin));
			long bla = System.nanoTime();
			if (pItem.contains(Part.DISH) || && usableDish == null) {
				System.err.println(System.nanoTime() - bla);
				System.err.println("aas " + (System.nanoTime() - begin));

results in output like

aaa 16510543
aas 26192677

that are 10ms lost for nothing

Interesting part is in a game, if it happens it is recreatable
But it does not happen always …


Need an example that everyone can play and see. In your case the code cannot be tested. Only to believe


I would suggest you to trace JIT and GC and see if they occur in between.
(my previous post on that topic:


With the bash update (and maybe some other languages), some solution for codegolf puzzles won’t work anymore. For example my bash solution on temperatures codegolf puzzle can’t get 100%.

It’s “unfair” in 2 two ways. First way is that i have to find another solution now. But the worsest is that i have now a “impossible” solution. It could also be the case for the best bash solution in the leaderboard.


what changed in Bash in version 5?


I send you a PM on discord. I can’t really say it without spoiling hard the temperature code golf puzzle :smiley:


May I ask for short explanation what so significant was changed in Bash?
(Bash too far from languages which I really using - I tried to read what was changed and to be honest - didn’t find anything related to solution) :slight_smile:
Maybe just point where I should read more carefully :slight_smile:


A command used in some bash solution for the temperatures codegolf puzzle works now differently. I can’t really tell you the command without spoiling the solution.


I agree with @Magus and @tarapitha, the fact that the previous solutions cannot be reached anymore is a fairness problem. It probably affects more than bash too, since other languages can make system calls. I see at least two possible solutions:

  • restore the previous environment (essentially freezing the version of all languages)
  • recalculate scores by running solutions in the current environment (something like that was done when network access was rightly revoked last year :slight_smile: ).


C# 6.0 (Mono 5.12.0, .NET 4.6) => C# 6.0 (Mono 5.18.0, .NET 4.6)

Why do you compile with 6.0 switch, not with latest switch for LangVersion?

we didn’t manage to migrate to .Net Core



Yes i agree i can’t use a solution that works on my linux server … :frowning:


Hello, is this the place to ask for the installation of packages ?? (I was thinking of the shapely package in python3)