Last validated CoC


The idea is not bad … tests cases are horribles.
That’s not a good clash too and that’s why i said “maybe” but only after changing tests.
But as usual auto-approval and friend-approval did not let any time to comment …

I would have suggested to put a test :
123456789abcdefgh => 112358d


I thought the moderation rights had been removed to these guys…


Seeing 112358 would have given it away to me immediately, maybe for most people the Fibonacci sequence would be impossible to recognize otherwise though. the point is to look at which characters in the output correspond to which indices in the input, and find that the index mapping forms the Fibonacci sequence.


if you find that it is more guessable with current tests ( and it seems that yes since you validated it ) … talk to magus because it looks like he disagree …


idk I wondered why the first character always repeated and then I looked at the indices of the characters that show up in the output and they were the Fibonacci sequence so I solved it.


I saw the Fibonacci sequence too, so it is solvable as a reverse. Just the discrepancy between testcase and validator is what bothers me.

But we are getting off topic, there is a discussion section for each contribution.


Yes i agree. The fact that i’m a noob at guessing a simple Fibonacci sequence in a CoC is off topic. Please stop talking about it. Forever.

Btw, i think there’s should be more “moderators ranks” for the contribution system.

For example we could have “simple moderators” and “super moderators”. Simple moderators rights are earned with the current system (50 CoC or level 30), but super moderators rights is harder to earn (like lvl 40 or 500 CoC).

When a CoC contribution is validated by 3 simples moderators, a super moderator can cancel the validation during 48 hours. (it’s just an example but you have the idea).


Actually the current system is as follows:


The issue is that editors can only edit an approved contribution. They can’t cancel the validation. When a very bad contribution is accepted, we can only call CG for help.