Mars Lander - Puzzle discussion


Hi everybody,
Level 1, Java - I’m trying to figure out how the actual Y is computed. The vertical speed in each round is the speed from previous round minus gravity (3.711) plus power (that’s correct, read numbers match). With this I would expect that Y is the Y from the previous round plus speed. But that’s somehow wrong.

For example, with no power, the speed after the first round is -3.711 (rounded to -4, matches the read value). And I expect Y to be 2496.289 (2500 + (-3.711)) and rounded to 2496. But the read value is 2498. What am I missing?

I have tried to divide the speed by 2, subtract 1/(round number) and few other adjustments, but my computations never match the Y given by the line reading.


The 3.711 is acceleration. At the start of the turn you are at 0, at the end you are at -3.711. During the turn you slowly change from one speed to the other. Your speed for the turn will be velocity + (acceleration/2), which gives 2500 + (0 + (-3.711/2)) = 2498.1445. Unfortunately the server only sends you the integer part so if you need an accurate position / velocity you need to track it yourself and ignore the server.


Awesome series. But why so few tests? I substituted my primitive inefficient algorithm from the 2nd to the 3rd episode, and received a 250XP freebie for passing the “half” of tests without any complicated mathematics :confused: