New best solutions feature needs to be changed ASAP


Thank you! :slightly_smiling:

It's not nice that some people could benefit from copying the solutions, but how can you restore things without penalizing honest users who solved the puzzles by themselves?

Besides, as @Magus and @CvxFous pointed out, it's unlikely that anyone could steal that many points just this week. In the long run that's not going to make much of a difference.


Hi everyone,

you can now choose what solution to share by clicking the tab "my solutions" when viewing solutions of a given puzzle.

You can also share solutions via the result/history tab in the IDE.

We'll add a publish option directly to the report in few days.


Awesome,. thanks


I like it too :slightly_smiling:

Now, I'm trying to keep publish my solutions with comments and such. But It is a burden to go to the game page -> solutions -> my solution -> click on my solution to check if I keep it -> unpublish it -> go back to the game page -> ...

On "my solutions" tab, I would find it more user friendly to switch from one puzzle to another and to see all published (and only published) solutions.
Doing so would also help me see what solutions are liked or disliked by the community, those who generate the most comments and such.


I think the feature could be improved. For example, i already have 15 puzzles in bash and C++. And i already have 100% at the resistance puzzle. I should be able to see bash and C++ solutions for this puzzle. I can't gain any point by copy/pasting the solution but i could learn a lot.


Note that this makes the message that pops up after we solve a problem a bit off:

COMMUNITY SOLUTIONS — Learn new languages and tricks from others

Nope, not anymore. Only tricks in languages I already know :wink:


By learning tricks on a language you finish a puzzle with you learn your language a bit more.

Finishing a puzzle doesn't mean you learn or master the language :wink:


All I meant was that you can't really call it "new" if it's beyond a proof-of-language-knowledge hurdle.

Anyway, more feedback.

I find it a bit inconvenient that the votes are so closely tied to a specific solution. Now I'm in the situation where there are blatant bugs (to me, I'll let you find them out on your own) in some of my top-voted solutions, and I can't really fix them without unpublishing, republishing and losing all my votes on the way.

I'd suggest limiting publications to one per puzzle and keeping votes across republications on the same puzzle. I'm on the fence about comments, but probably keep them too.
This is a tradeoff: it makes it harder to publish golfed solutions in a proper self-contained way.

But I think it's worth it. There are already a few multi-implementation solutions out there, and they pull it off just fine in a single publication.