Onboarding - Puzzle discussion

i have a problem with scripting because its not working or im just doing it wrong like my scripts aren’t turning blue

I really don’t like this, it is confusing for me.

i would to ask about some thing please

i dont know what to do help me here.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this game a bit more interactive? We would like the participants to be able to move around.

I’m not understanding really how does codingame works

You write a source code in the IDE.
This source code must get text as input and write things as output.
For this puzzle, your aim is that your source code kills the nearest enemy.

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Thank you that was good!!!

I am using Java to solve. Why is that, the simple line below:

String target = (dist1 < dist2) ? enemy1 : enemy2;

failing testcase3. But when I write it as if, else statement it passes?

i am 14 years old i relly need help!!!

Sorry for the late answer. This is weird. You most likely ran into server problems. It happened at the time the Spring Challenge started.