Platinum Rift II - Your rules

It would be a good improvement. It’s pretty annoying when two pods chase each other endlessly. However it should be considered a general correction, not a “one-week-important-rule-that-will-alter-battles”. :stuck_out_tongue:

In my opinion, it was an interesting aspect :

  • Attack the pods
  • Defend your cell
  • Turn around it…

Hi folks! Thanks for all these proposals. This week, we’ll start with gian’s suggestion. It perfectly fits with Pirquessa’s map :slight_smile:
Don’t forget to keep on voting for next week!

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I want to propose one new rule :
It’s very simple, it’s to add two or one spot only available an certain amount of round, and when it’s available, you can go there to conquer it, but to do that, you will need to keep this zone while three round, when it’s done, this zone will give you a certain amount of platinum per turn , something like 10-15.

So to be clear :

  • New type of zone ( with a unique parameter to know its location )
    -Available to capturing after a certain amount of round
    -Need to keep the zone during a certain amount of round
    -Give much more platinum than normal zone per round

The same rule, but symetric map, symetric platinium and symetric pods on the begin.
Then the fight begins on equality, it is not always the case now. Sorry for my bad english.
In french : symétrie totale avec quand même un positionnement aléatoire, de cette manière il y a au départ une égalité parfaite, ce qui n’est pas toujours le cas maintenant.

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En ranked, tu joues deux matchs, un coup en Position A et ton adversaires en B et la revanche (toi en B et l’autre en A). Il me semble que c’est de cette façon que l’“égalité parfaite” est gérée.


I’m glad you chose to apply my suggestion :slight_smile: thank you !

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Une nouvelle règle :
Un nouveau type d’unité - les mines - peuvent être achetées pour 60 Pl et spawn uniquement sur une cellule sur laquelle on a au moins 1 POD. Tout mouvement depuis ou vers cette cellule déclenche la mine. La mine tue tout POD - allié ou adverse - se trouvant sur la case. Une fois enterrées, les mines sont invisibles (donc il faut avoir leurs positions en mémoire…). Les mines ne bougent pas.

Edit : Une autre possibilité serait que le coût des mines soit plus faible et/ou qu’elles tuent les POD des cellules voisines en explosant.

A new rule :
A new kind of unit - landmines - can be bought at a cost of 60 Pl and spawned only on cells with at least 1 allied POD. Any move made from or to this cell fires up the mine. The mine kills any POD - allied or ennemy - on the cell. Once burried, mines are invisible (thus, their positions need to be memorized). Mines can’t move.

Edit : Another possibility could be that mines are cheaper and/or they kill PODs on cells in the neighbourhood.


Super concept ! Mais il faudrait un prix moins cher ou qu’elle fasse péter les cases alentours ! :blush:

I really like this one (selling pods for half the price – or any price really). It would make a lot of sense, and in PR 1 it would have meant huge rushes after a continent was won.

Also, what if we kept the maps from previous weeks (and bring back the two from PR 1, they were good!), and games were on maps at random? (keeping the mirror game of course).
I like the idea that an AI should be able to adapt to any terrain (instead of, you know, us tweaking them for each map).


One more rule to provide equal start for both players:

  • Map is symmetric
  • Platinum sources distribution is symmetric
  • Pods starting locations are symmetric. That does not mean that my pods on one side of the map and enemy ones are on another. Instead one side of the map has 5 my and 5 enemy pods mixed randomly and another side just mirrors that.

Great idea. This would also allow 4-player matches, if each player starts with 10 pods in one zone.

One rule we were discussing in the chat : what if we brought back the possibility of creating drones in neutral grounds, but for a higher price (say, 2x the normal drone price).

Extrapolations around this simple rule would be :

  • (as suggested by someone) that constructing drones on our own mines could be cheaper. that would involve some clever decision-making.
  • maybe the price bump could be dependent on how “far” you are from your zones (but not very practical I think)
  • a cooldown (dropped drones could’nt move for a full turn)
  • and also dropping behind enemy lines for a super high price.

But I think simply bumping the price of neutral drop (or lowering the price of friendly drop, maybe) would be quite enough for a weekly rule. Also it would work great with some user maps.

It works well with the current input/output (except for the different prices that would have to be hardcoded I think).

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A lot of match has a result of 1/1, becuase there is often an inequality on the beginning.
I insist, I believe that symetric position, is the best to have result which respresent realy the rank.


It seems I’m not the first one with such idea, so refer here if you like the suggestion:

Rule proposal:
Change format of the program output. Now it requires two lines: movement and purchasing. I suggest to add a requirement for terminating line - a single word “DONE”. For a week testing system should support both two line output and terminating output, later only terminating output is supported.

Having that command gives us flexibility in adding new rules which add new commands and change program output, for example selling pods, without breaking strategies which still do not support such new rules, so both outputs will work correctly:
“legacy” strategy:
4 2 1 3 2 6 //movement
2 32 1 11 //purchasing
DONE //no new command

strategy with new rule supported:
4 2 1 3 2 6 //movement
2 32 1 11 //purchasing
1 2 3 4 5 //some new command

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Fog of War:
You can’t see enemies beyond a specific number of zones.

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This ! 1 million time this!
Advance wars fan? :wink:

What about a ‘network’ effect, where pods with more friendly neighbours are more productive. This would make the core of your territory more valuable.

This rule would change the potential value of locations both for capture and umm… liberation :stuck_out_tongue: but would not require more commands (just better decisions).

Would probably work best with the other ideas about only being able to spread to your immediate neighbourhood.