[Poll] What programming language would you like CodinGame to support next?

  • Ada
  • ARM Assembly
  • Cobol
  • Common Lisp
  • D
  • Elixir
  • Fortran
  • Haxe
  • Julia
  • List Flavoured Erlang
  • Nim
  • Powershell
  • Prolog
  • R
  • Scheme
  • TypeScript

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I had to take suggestions like Pike, Picat, Mercury, Octave, Pony, Crystal … out to keep the size of the poll ok. The demands for these languages were very low and we already have a nice list here.


List Flavoured Erlang ~~> LisP Flavoured Erlang


There’s a bunch of new accounts participating in the survey, I find that rather suspicious. Maybe to avoid bandwagoning, it should be limited to accounts that have at least participated a little bit in CG?


Part of that may be due to this D forum post: https://forum.dlang.org/post/qagxadyccoygojvsyifh@forum.dlang.org

but I dont think it should be restricted because these new accounts will probably start playing codingame if D is added.


The way this external post is worded makes it much less about CG (e.g. literally zero mention of what the website is about) and more about bandwagoning for the cause (e.g. call to action, vote for D!). I doubt many were actually holding off on participating because of lack of D support, or will even remember the website once/if it’s added.

IMO the survey should give voice to the actual CG community so the effort goes towards supporting it, rather than supporting a cause. Ideally all these new accounts should have their vote invalidated.


Another CG related side note should mention that picking a language which allows to “fully harness the power of heavily parallel architecture” is definitely not the best choice in contests.


Ah they renamed this site to “Codeingame”. :frowning:

Rile up all other language communities, see which language is more popular overall! More free advertising for CG :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, popularity does matter. Last language they added was Kotlin and they added it during a time when Kotlin was rising in popularity, it still does.

The “participating a little” requirement won’t change anything if a community is truly committed to promote its language.


I’d like to see Typescript added but we can “already” do Typescript on codingame. Just write your typescript code, use any online “typescript => javascript” interpreter you can find, and just copy/paste the result. Of course you can do it yourself.


I did not express it well in this post but the purpose of this poll is to have a somewhat quantitative overview of the demands from the community and elsewhere. I did have a qualitative view with all the requests in the previous thread (or by email, social media) but I needed more data. It will help me to push it internally.

I’m not going to analyze who voted, what’s their level or what they do on CodinGame. Anyway, I’ll let the poll active for a while (probably several months).

And sorry for my typo on LFE. As you can guess, @Niako, I can’t modify the poll now.


Yes, I realized it after posting it to forum.dlang.org. The forum is a web interface to newsgroups, therefore I am not able to correct the spelling. Sorry for that.

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I beg to differ. After reading the post on forum.dlang.org I created an account to vote for D and then discovered how awesome the idea of this website is. It totally got me hooked and if D will be supported I will become a regular user. So I would argue that this is great publicity for coding game


Same for me, I feel the prickling in my fingers. I can’t wait getting started to solve the puzzles using D. My gut feeling is, it is the same for all other voters.


Does that mean, work on adding a new language will start earliest in 2020 (as poll will be opened several months)?


I totally agree. I am also one of the persons who only created an account because of the post in the D forum, but I do not just see this as an opportunity to to promote D, but I am actually interested in using CodeinGame. I simply had not heard of it before. I might start using it without D for other languages, but D is my main language and adding D here would give me a much bigger incentive to become a regular user.


Here the same as Razvan. Discovered Codingame via the D forum and I find the idea excellent. For now I will use C but as soon as there is D I will switch to it.


I’d like us to be able to have a new language before 2020. I’ll have to negotiate with our product manager :wink:


I use the codingame browser plugins to actually program in my own IDE, which I can just run webpack or any other tool to compile my TS into a webpack bundle. Indeed easy enough, altough native ts support would be cool too.


I think smalltalk can be an interesting one.


Can you give us any update on this topic?