Ranking v2 suggestion


Well the points are relative to other players. In a puzzle it’s you against the problem, the points are about things that are “you against others”.

Optimisations are basicly that: competitive puzzles, and those count.


Yes, thank you for pointing that out. This competitive element is not my favourite part of codingame. I was referring more to the level of engagement required for each task. Anyhow, I hope there will be more optimization games in the future no matter how the scoring works.


Coding Points associated with The Great Dispatch puzzle should be removed by tomorrow.


Good news, we have finally started to implement the changes mentioned by @G-Rom in the post I’m replying to.

In short:

  • change of formula to (BASE * min(N/500,1))^((N- C+ 1)/ N)
  • BASE for contests (10k), Multi (5k), CoC (5k), Opti (2,5k), Golf (top 5 languages * 200 = 1k)
  • UI update to highlight leaderboards per category
  • [NEW] BASE for contests decreases with each new contest: latest (10k), second latest (9k), etc. Top 3 scores are taken in these 10 contests scores.
  • [NEW] UI update of the ranking panel in profile page to better reflect points earned in each category.

This solves most problems mentioned during the feedback period earlier this year and still doesn’t over engineer the system.




Is that why you didnt update ranking after last 2 contests ?


The contest rankings got updated. It seems that your last results weren’t better than the ones you had before. Only the best 3 contribute to your contest score (which currently depends on the number of participants).