Rooks Movements


Thanks to Thibaud I was able to solve the puzzle.
For everyone who faces the same problem: Check what your program does when you have opponent pieces in both vertical and horizontal directions. Remember that the output always has to be in lexicographical order.


I’ve passed all the IDE tests but having an issue passing the validators “CLOSE TO THE EDGE 2” and “FOR FRODOOO 2” I’ve tried various starting positions for the rook near the board edges - corners, halfway points, and the output produced appears valid and I cannot figure out whats causing the validator fail, anyone have any ideas?


At the moment I consider tests for its puzzle is broken (see screenShot).CodeGame_Rook
It is impossible to pass.


The test is correct, the output section says “action should be x if the movement involves taking an opponent pieces, - otherwise”.


Agree. Thanks