Semi-private hackatons/challenges/contests

Ok I was not aware of this one. As the company is widely recruiting I guess the one you are talking about has vocation to be quite public :wink:

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Klee Hackathon starts in less than 2 days.

To my knowledge, you’re not obliged to compete as team of 4 players as it’s written on the hackathon page.



Et si on est 1er tout seul on repart avec 4 switchs ? :wink:

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Hum, weird timing, thursday to friday, but I love Codebuster, so I’ll give it a try. Also I was going to get Smash on the switch anyway, might as well win it instead :upside_down_face:

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" The contest begins on November 29, 2018 at 2:00PM and ends on December 1, 2018 at 02:00AM."

And what is a timezone?

Can you please clarify what the teams are for?

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To be honest, I don’t know about the details. There is a Discord where you can ask questions to Klee about their hackathon:

Klee just sent an email that exposed the emails of everyone who registered for the contest.

how much information are you giving these companies when we sign up for a contest? I assumed the email we give during registration for a contest were for notifications regarding the contest and not being given out to companies.

Obviously they give our emails to companies. But well … i suppose giving all emails into the wild was not part of the contract …

The biggest issue is that is clearly against the law. I’m pretty sure no one will use it. But it’s sad.

According to the rules (which is the closest to a form of consent we’ll find here), it is to be used for both.
Meaning your email may be used for notifying purposes, and may be transmitted to partner third parties for the same purposes.

So this is obviously a mess-up. From Klee if they were informed of the proper personal data use, from CG if they omitted to inform.

But a damn annoying one.

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Well first of all it doesn’t really work like that in general - you can’t revoke rights with terms & condititions - that’s why EULA isn’t legal in Europe.

Second, even by CG’s own rules that shouldn’t have been the case:

Article 7: Data Protection

The information required on the Site, such as email, name, address, etc… is collected and used in order to run a service in line with expectations, to contact Participants, manage the platform, and keep track of discussions and transactions.

This information, as well as the information entered in the detailed profile shall be used to generate statistics internally. The technical service that may be responsible for the management of competitions, is obliged to respect the confidentiality of the information and use it only for the specific operation for which they are involved.

Participants have a right to access, correct or delete information personal information which may be exercised upon written request addressed to the headquarters CodinGame.

Can’t say that I care if CG leaks my email since it’s publicly available elsewhere anyway, but since its EU company with majority of users located in EU, might not be the best course of action what with GDPR and all.

Every information you fill when registering to a hackathon is passed to the organizing company. Usually, there is a link to the rules in the registration form, but it seems we failed to add it this time.

There was also a checkbox to allow Klee to contact you. I’m not even sure this was respected :frowning:

I’m really sorry of what happened.

Should you want to further discuss these issues, I invite you to contact directly Klee, or our DPO (let me know if you need the contact).

Your DPO doesn’t seem to answer his emails. Well, he still does have a day.

Hi CG !

How can we access the challenge report for private ones ? As those are not shown on

My school just held one (FB engine) and a lot of students would like to build on it to climb the Fantastic Bits leaderboard :wink:

If there is none, how to access our code ?

Thanks for everything !

A email is sent 12H or so after the end of the contest and I think there is a link to the code in it.

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