Skynet Revolution - Episode 1 - Puzzle discussion


Hi Nicola.

It seems that, despite the test case showing 59 links remaining, the validator only shows 43 links. Why is there such a discrepancy between the two? Is this because I submitted some code first and then updated it, but it won’t get updated for the validator part of the evaluation?


the validator is different from the IDE test. So it seems your program isn’t efficient enough to get that 3rd achievement yet.


Hey, sorry for the late reply,

Did you have a code that pass all the provided test-cases but not the validators? And this is why you created a custom one? (

Or is it just for the sake of it ? If so, this is not what we want for the first level (compute all node to find the best one) and that’s why we have another level:


The test you proposed isn’t possible according to the rules:

Nodes can only be connected to up to a single gateway.

That’s why there is a level 2 of this puzzle :wink:


Hi, my code works perfectly on the test cases, and when i try to submit it the last case fails, but when i watch the step by step preview, it seems to me like it should pass the test. Any help would be appreciated !


So… Sorry if this is not the correct place to post, but I solved the challenge, had 53 links left on test case 4 with a 100% score, yet I didn’t get the Gold achievement (50+ links left on test case 4 and 100% score). I think something’s amiss?


The achievement is evaluated against the validator, not the test in the IDE.


I see, I thought that much. I didn’t focus too much on getting the least possible cut links, but I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for your reply!


Manage to obtain the 3rd achievement by a little bit of hard coding (a.k.a cheating)

Well, it is simply too time consuming for me to actually determine and construct the rightful algorithms, as well as relying on “random cut” method.


so you prefer to spend time “cheating” to get an achievement which is just XP than actually learning how to solve it the proper way? :slight_smile:


Isn’t it already hard-coding when we need to study the replay, modify the codes according to the agent behaviors, and re-submit the codes repeatedly? Imo, I consider hard coding solution more proper and reliable than “random cut” method.

Ironically, the name for the 3rd achievement – “ambush”. You can’t make ambush if you don’t already know where the enemy will be heading aye?


Well, we needn’t. We need to implement a smarter algorithm.

Again, you can.


I tried to solve the challenge using a variant of Dijkstra’s algorithm.
All the validation tests work fine. However, for the submission there seems to be an issue with the last one. There seems to be some kind of crash since the virus doesn’t move even once.

[Fixed Dijkstra’s name]


an issue with how you handle indexes? The validator is the same in terms of structure of the network; only the indexes differ.


Is there a “bug” with the Triple Star test case ?
I have a timeout each pass, even if I print something just after getting the input.
FYI I use Python.


your code considers only one exit gateway so your bfs timeouts.


Hi, i passed all 4 test in IDE but in validator it shows that i failed the first test. Can someone tell me what i did wrong?


Hi. I solved the challenge, had 63 links left on test case 4 with a 100% score, yet I didn’t get the Gold achievement (50+ links left on test case 4 and 100% score). How can I reach the goal?


It says test case 4, but I’m pretty sure it means Validator 4. The Agent has another movement pattern on the Validators.
You can watch how it played out after you submit and look under the validators. It’s under Results -> My Report -> Details.
I have 45 links left on the test case and 57 links left on the validator and got the achievement.


Thank you very much for the quick responce.
Now I see what is Validator (probably like all others :slight_smile: ).