Temperature Code Golf puzzle discussion

Sorry for annoying question but are there any possibility to help me understand what exactly happens in Validator 1 & 12?
Maybe it was too hard day for me or something other - but I can’t find at the moment any reasons why my solution in bash failed on them

P.S. I event checked my solutions with other languages but they are fine

Bash was recently updated: https://www.codingame.com/forum/t/languages-update/1574/106

Thank you for your answer!
It is now like new challenge - read all “what’s new” and understand what exactly affect it :slight_smile:

OK, I didn’t realize what exactly changed in Bash :slight_smile:
Any hints about either Validator 1 or Validator 12 conditions?
P.S. If not - I’m OK with it :wink:

in fact we should recalculate scores no ?

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Where I can find the solution?

The solutions should be re-calculated. My 27 character Perl solution relied on undocumented behavior of the Unix utility sort which has broken in the recent update. My new shortest solution is 37 characters! Without a recalculation, I suspect it is impossible to match the current solutions.


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