[Unofficial Contest] Bit-Runner-2048 - Feedback & Strategies


Yes. I don’t remember who told me that the 0 angle is not necessary. So you can have only 4 moves to handle.


Is there any postmortem about NN use in codingame, or a tech.io article, or anything I can read about it ?



Why is NN a concern? What do you mean by this?


I’m concerned that community contest will end in a NN competition. I like NNs, but i want to make a NN competition only when i registered at a NN competition.

But at moment i think that this is a specific case for CSB-like puzzles, so we should be okay for other contests.



It’s just a method/tool like another one, if the game calls for it then so be it. I don’t see why it’s such a concern.


You already understood my point, no need to troll.


I was not trolling. I just think it’s a rather arbitrary line to draw, as the exact same argument could be said from someone who doesn’t like doing a simulation and prefers doing “heuristics”.


Great, thanks Robo !