Winamax Challenge (Golf) - performances


Has anyone finished it yet ?
I just did and I wanted to talk performances.
All my tests are quite fast, except the ninth one (~25 ms)


I've got the same issue, solving with python. I think there is an error in this test-case. First line passed to prgoramm is "8 40", but then only 7 lines are passed. Script waits for one more line.


I've tried again later, and my script got the missing line. It seems, the issue is fixed now)


The first line was “8 40” and not “40 8” ? I didn’t notice.
But now, I’ve just run the tests again and :

  • Test 9 : 25 ms
  • Tests 19-21 : ~1.5 ms
  • All the other tests : between 0.003 and 0.1 ms