-1 messages

When opening a page, for a short moment I have -1 messages. This hint disappears soon, when the page is fully loaded.

At the moment of creating that screenshot, I have 1 read message.

I just want to mention it, not a big deal for me.

I also have this message but it lasts about one second.

Thank you for reporting it. We have had this issue as well but we have trouble reproducing it every time. If you’ve got any hint to reproduce it 100%, let us know.

It’s a bit hard to test, as you need to get notifications first :slight_smile:
I think I read the message when I was in the IDE and got that hint when returning to the main page. But I am not 100% sure about that. I will tell you if I can spot a pattern.

Edit: it not only happens when you receive/read the message while being in the IDE

I get the “-1” 100% of the time when loading the website, it stays on during less than a second.

Same as @pb4

I believe notifications are requested by ajax, and i got -1 until the request is complete.

Same here. I can refresh the page I’m typing this message in over and over and it will consistently show this -1 on the notification

And when seeing a leaderboard the - 1 is often blinking