"2.5D Maze" community puzzle lacks testcase&validator for bridge crossing


Consider the above maze.
If Link could jump off the bridge, the answer would be 5. If he could not, then 9.
However, I have passed all testcases and validator both with and without this check.
The same applies to climbing a bridge (moving from low to high ground by changing direction while on the bridge).


I had the reverse issue ; I forgot to add the check for not going out of ‘|’ or ‘-’ perpendicularly (considering than when you are very close to the ground descending, you can just take the side step lol ; the text gives an indication for “from”, but not for “to”), ie. 7 for the above maze, and all was ok in the IDE samples, but not in the validator :sweat_smile:

So if someone does not pass the last validator test, it may be this missing check :smile_cat:

Maybe above maze could be added to IDE tests, it solves both issues. :slightly_smiling:



It is disappointing that it was even made puzzle of the week without anyone paying any attention to posted solutions and their comments. That issue would have been mentioned there for sure - I know I commented on the JS “best” solution that had this flaw.

Now it has a ton new solutions with the same flaw.

Aside from the above test case, I think it would be good to include one where you need to pass both above and under the same bridge as well.

Don’t worry, I said that I will rewrite a bit the puzzle after its highlight.
I have a little work now but it’ll be done soon.
I always do the after-sales service on my puzzles (even if I’m not paid for them).

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Cool… I didn’t even know puzzle authors are able to change their puzzles or test cases after approval has passed. I wonder what happens with the already submitted wrong solutions…
And BTW when I said “its disappointing” I was not referring to you but more to the CG staff that picks the puzzles of the week.

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