2 minute academic survey

Since most - if not all - of you can code to some degree, I’d appreciate it if you could help me with a small survey.

My name is Michiel Ladenius. I’m a 4th year student at the NHL Stenden University of applied sciences where I study Informatica (Computer Science), and I’d like to get feedback in order to finalize the requirements for the product I’ll be designing and building.

I set up a 2 minute survey for this. If you can program and know what UML is, please help me with the 2 minute survey.

The product I’ll be building is a Class Diagram Generator. It will be a tool which takes a text as an input and converts it to a class diagram. A Software Developer can use this as a guideline to get an overview of how things are related to eachother. This should be useful when you just started working in a new domain.

The survey consists of 8 questions, 3 of which are more general questions about you.

Thank you very much for your cooperation!