414 Http Error when accessing ghost in the cell replays

When I want to see the latest battles and click on the show button, Coding Game do a GET request on mpx.codingame.com/track/ with a large data parameter.
The request hang a long time, freeze chrome and returns a 414 (inside chrome console) error code, Request-URI Too Large.
After the first error the request seems to retry indefinetely ending in a complete freeze of chrome. I have to manually kill it.

Is there a way to avoid this error?


I can’t reproduce.

Did it happend every time ?
Are you watching the last battle from the IDE or the Leaderboard ?
If it’s the leaderboard, Ghost in the Cell Multiplayer or Contest ?


The issue happens on Ghost in the Cell Multiplayer.
It happens when I click last battles from the IDE.
An easy way to reproduce it on my side is by clicking on the show button of my 87th match against the player “kikoo”.

When I tried to reproduce the bug this morning it was always happening on that 87th match.

It is pending for a long time eventually returning 414. It happens more randomly on other replays.

This morning I even got a freeze by just clicking “Last Battles”

Resources never got loaded.

I randomly get similar issue after hitting Play in the IDE.

It has been a freeze fest and unplayable for the last week and on this specific game.
Let me know if it helps of if you need more data from my side.


Still getting these issues, do you have any advice on how to get around this issue?

I still can’t play Ghost In The Cell multiplayer properly.


I did have the 414 error for your Battle 87 but it didn’t result in any crash/freeze so I just filled a Bug in the tracklist.

Right now, I’m still able to watch your last battles properly. (I checked only ~30 of them randomly). I can reproduce the 414 error on play but it doesn’t impact the website. :’(

Alright, thanks for your investigation.

I’ll try switching to another browser to see if it fixes it and/or a previous version of my current browser.

I’ve Chrome 56.