A couple of minor bugs in CodeBusters

These aren’t really bugs in the competition itself, but minor bugs I have noticed in CG while competing in CodeBusters.

  1. In LastBattles screen, the status line on “LastBattles TV” never updates. It always shows same match #, and winner / loser info, even though the game viewer switches at the end of each game.

  2. On the CodeBusters leaderboard, each entry has a VIEW LAST BATTLES link, but when I click on it, it just says “No battles available” for several seconds before displaying anything. I didn’t realize that this did anything useful until I accidentally left it open for a while. I think it needs a better indicator that it is “thinking”.

  • danBhentschel

I add another one : In the global classement page, if I filter on ‘following’, after a time the page refresh with ‘All’ coding gamers (but still indicating filtering on ‘following’)

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LastBattles TV bug also happen on other game too.

The image above is from Tron.
There are 4 players in status bar but 3 players in TV

Maybe your Firefox is bugging.
I had such bugs before a crash.

The last battle tv not updating is still not solved, can we at least have an update on that?

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Fix of issue 1) is on-going.

Issue 2) is fixed.