A funny , innovative blog to help you learn to program

Lets cut to the chase :wink:
We created The Missing Differential
a blog that will help people enjoy the content and entice people to learn and enjoy programming and mathematics . Some of the stuff will be useful to compete in contests in codingame (also clash of code) . We guarantee that the post will be enjoyable and fun ,

We await your feedback .

Also for fun , you can send us articles - only they should be informative , fun and new . May the best article win .

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Children can learn basics here:

Thats pretty nice (:slight_smile:

Is it your website ?

No it’s not.

Oh okay :slight_smile:

Btw , The website is pretty good for children and adults alike imo . Reminds me a lot of “hour of code”

How did you find our blog btw :wink: ?

I found the address in another forum.

Cool blog, looks clean, stylish, with well written articles(only skimmed 2 or 3).
But those shaking gifs… feel out of place. I must 9gag now…

Glad you liked it :wink:

We’ll try to make it better :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback buddy .

Oh okay nicolas_patrois (;