About the valid nickname for the Tavern

My nickname is : 40tude

The Tavern report the following information :

[00:16] qwebirc v.0.92
[00:16] Copyright © 2008-2012 Chris Porter and the qwebirc project.
[00:16] http://www.qwebirc.org
[00:16] Licensed under the GNU General Public License, Version 2.
[00:16] == *** (qwebirc) Looking up your hostname…
[00:16] == *** (qwebirc) Found your hostname.
[00:16] == Connected to server.
[00:16] -irc.codingame.com- *** Looking up your hostname…
[00:16] -irc.codingame.com- *** Skipping host resolution (disabled by server administrator)
[00:16] == 40tude Erroneous Nickname
[00:16] == ERROR: Closing link: (webchat@ [Registration timeout]
[00:16] == Disconnected from server: Connection to IRC server lost.

Do you confirm because my nickname is ill formed then I will never be able to participate to the Tavern?
Any chance to see nickname starting with digit to be accepted one day?
Please let me know, best regards, Philippe

You should try contacting one of the admin of the tavern, @Nonofr or chickentuna by using a guest account.

Meanwhile, you can also connect through irc.codingame.com or even use a standalone IRC client.