Accepted contributions slow to load + Search feature

When I want to check out all of the already accepted contributions to check if something already exists or not, I always have to wait about a minute for the 1000+ contributions to load in, and in the meantime chrome usually whines about being frozen.
After checking it in dev tools, it seems like each individual profile picture takes anywhere from 0.08 to 0.2 seconds each to arrive via a get request. This seems odd to me. As there are probably hundreds of these, it quickly adds up.
A suggestion would be adding some sort of search feature to “create a contribution”. Something that not only searches in the title of a challenge, but maybe even in the statement itself. It would probably speed up searching a lot, and would also encourage creators to look up if their idea already exists yet or not, as right now for that you need to look through all of the submissions or know them by heart. This coupled with the minute long load time probably leads to quite a few duplicates.


you’re right, this filtered page takes way too long to load, I find this very annoying too. I thought there was a ticket for that already opened, but there was none, so I created it.

As for your suggestion related to the topic of contribution creation and checking what already exists to avoid duplicates: (Duplication is less an issue for Clash of Code, as already discussed in another topic)

  • When we implemented the search field in the header, we didn’t take into account the statement of puzzles. I don’t remember if it was due to a technical limitation or if we chose to design it this way. I’ll ask.
  • Maybe checking tags (and having tags pages in the search results) could help too, but not optimal for sure.

What I ultimately meant, that there should be a searchbar embedded inside the “New Contribution” page. As an example, here’s what StackOverflow does in a similar situation:

This is obviously a bit more complicated, than a search bar, but it helps avoiding duplicates by presenting the user with the previously made posts. For example, if I was asking this question, I could just see that it already exists and could check if somebody answered it already or not. Something similar would do wonders in getting the number of duplicates down.