Account case 32, DataPoint and Enemy at the same position at start

In case 32, one Enemy and one DataPoint are at the same position, is it a bug ?
is this datapoint ‘dead’ even before beginning and not a target for other Enemy in the round ?

the enemy picking up datapoints is the last thing done in the turn process, therefore if you can kill them with one shot, they die before picking up the data point…

The order in which actions happens in between two rounds is:

  1. Enemies move towards their targets.
  2. If a MOVE command was given, Wolff moves towards his target.
  3. Game over if an enemy is close enough to Wolff.
  4. If a SHOOT command was given, Wolff shoots an enemy.
  5. Enemies with zero life points are removed from play.
  6. Enemies collect data points they share coordinates with.

How do you know? Are you a Codingame staff?

I assume your asking me how I know. If so, the quoted text is from the game instructions.

Oh, right. I thought I’ve read all of it!