Achievement not unlocked

I just submitted my code for the “Skynet Strikes Back” game and scored 50% (3/6 tests), but did not unlock the 50% achievement.

Could somebody at CG check this bug? I will stop improving my code so you can reproduce the problem.

You have to: “Reach a 50% score on Skynet strikes back puzzle.”. Not to solve 50% of the problems.

The first four problems are worth 83 points. And the last two 84 points.

So if you have solved the first 3 problems, you did not reach 50% of the points.

Oh, OK. Thank you for clarification. So, I have 49.8%, not 50% :slight_smile:

You should consider adding one decimal digit then, since “50% DONE” is misleading.

This is indeed an issue. I’ve just noted it in our backlog.

…or to, simply, round down, i.e. truncate the decimals.