Achievements Confusion

First off, I want to give a big TY for this site. Fun, engaging & useful. TY.

As I have yet to become nimble with the site, I find remembering where things are sometimes confusing, namely different screens for Leaderboards.

But beyond that, the listed Achievements. The visible achievement shows the past, but also the future and the future doesn’t jive with the past.

Case in point: “Solve 3 puzzles with a 100% score in Python 3” is followed by, “4/7 for next level.”

It took me a while to grok this. I get it now, but I think there’s gotta be a better way to display what has been accomplished and what is “next”.

Regardless of your stance/opinion on this, thank you once again for this awesome site.

  • Ou42

@Ou42 You can click on the achievement, it will unfold and show you which ones are validated, and which ones are still to be completed.

This is true & useful, but for “argument’s sake” shouldn’t info be immediately understandable and not require unfolding something hidden to see it?

Perhaps the solution is to prepend "Completed: " before the accomplished goal and then reverse the order of the next goal, like: Next Level: 4/7

Just my 4.2 cents.

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