Achievements count decreased by 1

Hi all.
I just noticed that today compared to yesterday my achievements count decreased by one - is it possible? I’m sure in it because I can see the same in my friend achievements count.
What can be the reasons of it?

Do you have any idea of the missing Achievement name?

I believe mine went down by 1 as well

Same here. On achievement is missing. i was at 251 and i’m now at 250. But i can’t remember if the maximum was 258 or 257.

Sorry, no. It’s too hard to see. Checking also didn’t give any idea what have happaned because they all appear to be as was before. Weird.

Okay, found it, it will be fix tommorrow (Onboarding 50%) but I still have 2/1 on the game page

We’ve changed some achievements and removed on boarding 50%. The objective was to reduce the number of achievements you can win after completing the onboarding puzzle.

I’ll have a look to it tomorrow.


Meh… I’m not really noticing any kind of real drop in my own CodinPoints… so uh… don’t worry too much about removing that achievement’s affect on the Metagame/Balancing and stuff.

It isn’t likely to really do that much noticeable damage on the top 100s boards either. (If it does… let me know, so I can laugh my ass off for a bit, due to Metagame/Balancing silliness)

If anything–removing that achievement is likely an improvement. However–I’d suggest avoiding removing achievements in the future as any course of action. That… can get messy and make for… weird communities. The most you can get away with is just creating a new achievement system (which isn’t necessary here)

There’s no damage because i don’t think the CodinPoints amount decreased.

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The CPs given for onboarding 50% have been transfered to onboarding 100%. It’s just a merge of two achievements to reduce the number of notifications sent to a new user.


Darn it…

I always get a little bit of joy when the top tier players end up bitching about how a tiny insignificant statistic turns out to not have been so insignificant.

You know–like the angle a golf ball is headed being slightly off–and only finding out 500m in.

I just noticed I have “2 out of 1 achievements” on OnBoarding. Figured I’d give a useful update, rather than just more sass.