Actual sharing by URI

I’d like to share a puzzle with a friend. Like IRL. Or on the chat, whatever.
Simply put, I’d like a shareable URI for it.

So I go to the puzzles page, and I click on the puzzle’s share button… and I’m greeted with quite a few sharing options. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Reddit. VK, if I click + for more. So I select any one, really, and try and extract an URI from whatever landing page it takes me to.

This can’t be right.

I CAN HAZ a simple shareable URI I can copy-paste to whatever media I so elect, pretty please?


You are absolutly right, we have to improve this.
At the moment, the only (and hidden) way to share a puzzle link is to go on the puzzle page, click on the “+” icon and share this browser url.

We really have to work on this.

Just for curiosity, what is the puzzle that you want to share and what was the purpose of your sharing with your friend (play with him on the same multiplayer game, show him a special problem, challenge him, …)?

I was on the chat discussing “which members do we know IRL” with one of the folks I… know IRL. One of these common acquaintances I discovered through the community puzzles section, hence the need for a puzzle link. (good for us I know better than to share an IDE link)

I suppose this fits in the “show him a special problem” category :smiley: