Add achievements to Mozilla OpenBadges

Putting those to OpenBadges automatically would be real nice addition to our ways to show off. Now one mostly just watches them and eventually drops a link to public profile to a social network. Which is a good thing for CodinGame’s popularity, but kinda cumbersome. Open Badges show links to their issuers too, but don’t make you pick the right moment to share your achievements - just link it to the profile and that’s it. For instance, I’m currently on GrandMaster level, but I’ll wait to boast about that till I hopefully get to Guru level, but if I had an openbadge thingie linked, all that could be already reflected in my main public profile.

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I had no idea that this existed, and I think it’s awesome.
We’ll look into maybe adding OpenBadges to our platform, thank you for the suggestion.

Keep Coding :slight_smile: