Add minimal game stats in Last Battle

Another small (or small-sounding? :slightly_smiling:) request. Would it be possible for the Last Battles to display the number of turns of each game? That would help to immediately notice early exits such as crashes or timeouts without having to actually check each lost game.


Some crash or timeouts happen at the end of the game. The most helpful feature would be some kind of icon in the “last battles” page to show whether the game terminated “regularly” or with a crash.


I’ve also thought this in the past. It would be really cool if you could even get a list of stacktraces, with some kind of histogram to show how frequently they occur. I know, asking for a lot, but it would be very helpful.

  • danBhentschel
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Hell, I wouldn’t mind just knowing the stats of how many bots lost via timeouts, crashes, bad output and just lesser strategy.

Give the rankings a bit more character to actually go through–and you know, give a crap about, really.