"Add more battles" option for multiplayer games and contests instead of repeated resubmissions

It is well known that to get an optimal place in ranking, one has to do resubmissions several times until some luck will give him somewhat higher position or a chance to fight with boss. It usually means doing battles with randomly selected players from all over the list, and this randomness, especially in the first sample of selection, can have a big impact on final score of submission.

I suggest to add an option to do additional 10-20 battles from current position instead of doing resubmissions of the same code each time. This will reduce server strain and will also add more battles for better scoring. You can limit those additional battles with some time constraints.

For codingamers, this will reduce some stress of having to see low rank place again with each resubmission. Also, this will keep history cleaner without tons of entries for the same code.


What do you mean by a chance to fight with the boss? Does that have some special impact on the ranking?

Imagine that a multiplayer has “rock-paper-scissors” properties. Now imagine a top in a league like this:

Boss - Rock
Player1 - Scissors
Player2 - Scissors
Player4 - Scissors
Player10 - Scissors
Player11 - Scissors
Player12 - Scissors
You - Paper

If you get a chance to fight with the boss, you are likely to go above him. But because of the system (which randomly selects a pair for you from those around and close to you), after 111 fights you only managed to approach your 14th place, and haven’t had a chance to fight with the boss.

Now imagine that something changed and those “scissors” players above you have gone up to the next league.

The list will now be:
Boss - Rock
You - Paper

You obviously should beat the boss. But you cannot fight with him, because boss never resubmits. To have a chance to fight with him now, you will have to resubmit. but there is a long list of “scissors” type players below you which will not let you go through for most of the submissions. You only have to rely on some kind of luck.

This is only one of the examples, there are more complicated situations too. For example Bob got promoted to Legend without a single fight with Golden boss, while he actually hoped to have a fight with the boss pretending that would benefit him and promote him faster. Instead, he just got pushed there by other players submitting and fighting with him.

If he had a chance to do additional battles like I propose, he could have gone up earlier without dangerous resubmission that can put you to 70th place instead of your current 7th.


I had this experience (in silver) too: for a couple of hours I got stuck just below the boss without actually being selected to challenge him.
From the chat, I tend to think that I wasn’t alone in this.
In a time-constrained competition this is quite frustrating, even more so if you know that you regularly beat the boss in the IDE.

So I think there could be a button “Challenge the boss” available for, say, the top 5 of every league.

I understand your frustration, but I think the point of there being a boss is not “If you can beat the boss most of the time on 1on1 you’re better than him”, but the boss is just like every other player and it shouldn’t matter if you play against him or not.
If you beat him everytime in the IDE but have trouble reaching him after submitting, that’s a strong sign that you’re just exploiting the specific weaknesses of that one bot, but he has a more successful strategy against the general field of players, so you aren’t really better than him in the context of the contest (you are overfitting to one enemytype).

We could argue what “better than boss” means, but I would say beating him 1on1 doesn’t necessarily mean you’re better. Or to put it this way: If most players are scissors, it’s a bad strategy to be paper and your ranking is not unfair… Doesn’t matter if you beat rock or not… :slight_smile:


Passing bosses and rock paper scissors aside I like this idea. In principle it wouldn’t add more server load compared to resubmitting and it might help with the general feel of randomness in the rankings, which is a big deal when you cant tell if your AI is improving or not.
The only counter-argument I can think of is people might be more comfortable clicking on “add more battles” than doing a risky resubmit, therefore possibly increasing server load as noone hesitates to click “add more battles”. I personally tend to always have a submit going on during contests though so giving me “add more battles” instead wouldn’t allow me to create more server load.

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