Add some comments to history of submissions

With some recent contests and multiplayer games, people do a lot of submissions, which are sometimes just little tweaks and sometimes are just the same code. It is really hard to distinguish those submissions in history.

I suggest adding a feature to comment your own submissions, e.g. indicating how far up it actually went, what did you tweak or fix in there etc.

Also, it would be great to have a field for optional comment when you actually do a submission, mostly for description of changes made.

Also, it might be a good idea to have some kind of automatic versioning system and some basic tools to revert to previous version labeling such an action appropriately (e.g. “v.2.3.0 reverted to v.2.2.1”)

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Agreed. I also had this in mind when sorting through my submissions.

That’s why I started to use GitHub. Honestly I may be writing more code at CodinGame than I do at my work, and I want to safekeep the code, in case the website shuts down for some reason.

Hi there CG Team.

I sign under that 100%. That would be very helpful because at the moment I am making a lot of screenshots instead of just trying few different solutions and more time to actual coding. Like Bob mentioned: simple ai-points/rank/complete% would be more than enough.


Yes, please add that. Would be very useful especially with long-term MP games.

This would indeed be a very nice thing to have! Trying to find code in your submission history can be a real pain in the rear. :frowning: It would also be nice to be able to manage your submission history, like hide/remove entries.

you know a quick workaround to this is to put some comments at the top of your code each time you commit so you know what you’ve changed.

But yes I agree.

Sometimes I don’t know how I would like to label a submit until after I’ve already submitted it and see how it performs in the arena. :slight_smile: Can’t go back and change the comments after it’s been submitted.

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Even some small things would be nice to have, right now history is the equivalent of a bunch of unlabelled text files, which isn’t that helpful.
Some suggestions:

  • How high it was initially ranked. This doesn’t need to be up to date, it just gives us a rough idea of how the code performed
  • Some way of comparing 2 sets of code. Similar to how GitHub has the added/removed lines I guess. This would help us distinguish them better.
  • Commenting/labelling for each set of code. To keep track of bugs/good features/todo/etc. when going through the history
  • Some way to save/update the code without having to resubmit. Some changes might not need retesting against everyone or are just formatting changes.

Love the site, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

I’m greatly in favor of items 1 and 3. You can do item 2 yourself using the existing Send Code to IDE button and copy-pasting to your local machine. I do it every time I break my bot (so pretty much all the time :slight_smile: )

Item 4 would be tough to implement and defeat the purpose of keeping a history. Plus, unless I’m mistaken the historical version is used when other people are testing against the bot you submitted.