Adding scoring information to AI submit history

It would be cool if the score achieved by each submitted version was added to the history pane.

Even though other AI evolve and there is variance, it would still bring an useful information that is quite hard to recall for every submitted version.


Already requested:


Ah yes, i missed it…

Another useful (and quite easy to do) improvement for submit history could be make it show the full datetime of the submit.

If in a day I have dozens of submits, to see all of them as “3 days ago” is not so helpful, while (if I remember the time of the submit I’m interested in) with this change I could find it in a flash.

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maybe late, but the time is given when you hover over the submission (where it says “x days ago”);
don’t know since when this feature has been there though.
and i am not sure if the time is correctly localized (time-zone), times looked very off to me.