All progress bar at 100% [Solved]

All puzzle that I start have a progress bar at 100% but I don’t solve all at 100% !

Same for me. Just got the 3 hard puzzle 100% achievement whereas I had 2 100% and 1 66%. This last one just bumped to 100% with no reason at all (I wasn’t even working on it).

I got the achievement for “3 Hard Puzzles done”… and the three puzzles don’t even have me the achievements solving those puzzles would actually give me.

Yeah… turns out anything I had that wasn’t at 0% has now been bumped up to 100%.

Which, I am tempted to see if I could unlocked the “three very hard puzzles” achievement by putting forth three crappy solutions… but at the same time, I also do not enjoy the notion of ticking off the admins. As that tends to not have things end well for me, I’ve noticed.

Same here… The puzzles with false result are

  • Skynet : (easy)
  • Clones (hard)
  • Thor (hard)
  • APU (hard)

Thank you, we’ve done a small SQL error, we’re working on fixing it. But don’t worry, the impacted table can be recomputed ;).


Should be fine now. Thanks again, we’ll check the achievements during the day.

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