An error occurred (#75): "Verification process has elapsed

In the past few days I’ve been getting this error message a lot when launching a test in the IDE (about 2-3 errors in ten launches):

An error occurred (#75): “Verification process has elapsed”. Please contact

Is anyone else experiencing the same?

After that, when I try to launch the next test instance, I get an error like
"Only one test session allowed per user"

So I have to quit the IDE to try again, but then all my changes would get lost if I don’t copy&paste them, since I didn’t officially start a test and my code wasn’t saved… It’s really annoying, so: How can I help to fix this?

(I mostly only did CSB in the past few days, so don’t know if other games have this as well, my browser is Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit))

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That’s because the two players are using 150ms and this error is raised when the duration of the play exceeds 90 seconds. I’m pretty sure that people will complain if we reduce the duration to 100ms (a lot of timeouts) so we’re a bit stuck…

I’ve increased the timeout to 120 seconds but that won’t be effective before tomorrow.


Ah that’s interesting, thanks for the answer and for increasing the limit.

That explains why the error occurred mostly against certain players… I thought I was imagining things, but it seems 2 players with good enough blockers will cause a timeout :smiley:

Aaah… one of those bugs. The ones that hypothetically shouldn’t be capable of happening… but do.

Uh, good job dealing with it. I assumed it was just the servers farting (as sometimes servers are inclined to do).

Hopefully we don’t end up running into it too often a few months down the line.

Could you please increase timeout to 0.1502500 = 150 seconds?
It’s pretty much impossible to comfortably test CSB bots when you’re in top 20.

Yeah, it’s very annoying, I can’t test my bots because of it