Any book for a backend developer with very rusty Maths and AI skills?


I’m a professional dev and I’m enjoying codingame. But I feel that my very rusty maths skills (and even algorithmic skills) are blocking me, especialy for the multi players games and challenges.

Too many years ago I was not that bad at university in these topics, but my professionals years stripped me off this knowledge.

I would like to refresh my knowledge in some area, like Trigonometry, Vectors, Matrix, Splines or Graphs.

Is there any good book that is comprehensive about all these subject ? A book that a non mathematician can understand ? There are many resources online and many books are available so I rather need help to point to the right thing for myself.

I don’t have time to learn the theory, and I need a book that have the computer engineer in mind rather than the mathematician: I can’t read formula but I can understand pseudo-code. I’m also looking for a single source reference so I don’t have to spend time search in many different locations.

Thanks a lot for your help !
(resource can be in French or English)

Artificial Intelligence for Games by Ian Millington covers a wide range of techniques for AI in games:

It’s a very practical book (with code examples), that gives a good introduction for each of the topics. Then you can always search online for in-depth knowledge about a specific point.


It looks promising :slight_smile: That is exactly the kind of book I was looking for.