Any plans to add Brainfuck language?

I think it would make a nice addition as well…




I suggested it many times to joke but seriously… are you able to even do the onboarding with this “language”?

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Your BF code is buggy.
Anyway, this language, even if it’s funny, is too raw to do anything here.

I think i can manage to do the onboarding puzzle in brainfuck :slight_smile:

That could be a fun achievement to add @Nonofr

Solving one puzzle (any puzzle) in BF? :slight_smile:


Onboarding puzzle solution, with a couple extra constraints : I used space as input separator so enemy names should not contains space; and distance is limited to BF VM integer size (default is 255)

The space can be easily replaced by another symbol if needed (including \n but my own interpreter does not support \n…)

Try it on with name1 distance1 name2 distance2 as input

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This one solves
(just with parentheses for now - but it’s not really difficult to add new cases…)
Prints “true” or “false” according to input validity regarding parentheses, other chars are ignored

Those who like BF should really play :slight_smile:

But it’s always the same puzzle.

A bit of variety would be nice!

This topic and also the CG Funge medium puzzle made me read a bit about esoteric languages. Making CG support for Piet, Ook and ArnoldC might take some effort from the CG team but it would definitely worth it. It would be soooo nice to finish a function code with “I’ll be back” instead of “return x”…

Ook is just a translated BrainFuck.

Please, don’t insult the orangutans… :smile:
Try to read both loud and you will hear the slight difference in intonation and emotional expressiveness.
In mathemathical sense of course you are right.