Any plans to keep the various contests around for replayability?

New to the platform, I’m wondering if the contests can be accessed after they’re ended? The games are pretty fun, especially if I happened to miss out on contests due to my limited connectivity.


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As far as I am aware, contests are almost always made available again within a few days of their completion. Most/all of the games under the Multiplayer tab had been contests at one point.

Most recently, “Bilbo’s Forests” was added to the Optimizations tab shortly after the completion of the identical “Code of the Rings” contest. It would surprise me if they didn’t do the same for Code vs. Zombies within a few days, but maybe it’s different since it was only a 24 hour contest.

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Bilbo was a 24 hour contest too. It’s the basic format for Optimisation puzzle.

Long story short: Yes, all contests are kept, more than that, all games here are from contests except maybe Onboarding.

Awesome, good to know. I hadn’t realized that even the single player challenges had been contests at one point! I don’t really see how something like Power of Thor would make a competitive contest.

Try ‘Thor VS Giants’ in difficult games, it will give you a closer look at the real contest. In fact, contests are sometimes split in several games of various difficulty. So, Power of Thor is just an easy variation of the real contest :wink:

And yes, I confirm that we will release Code vs Zombie soon in the optimization tab.

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Bilbo was a 48 hours contests I guess

You sure about that? I thought it was 24? Maybe I’m mistaking…

Someone can tell us when the game will be available?

My F5 button is dying!!!

You will receive a notification when the game will be available. Don’t worry :slight_smile:

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Wow 11 days have past… I didn’t think it would take this long, it must be because CG is preparing something awesome. maybe I’ll try asking cg team

The game is available in optimization section. Have fun :wink:

We didn’t receive a notification for the new game :frowning:

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