API for comunity created games

Hi there,

I love your platform. I had a comparable Idea some month ago (before I know you platform).
So it would be great if you have an API to add ideas for games to you platform.

Single and Multiplay games.

That would be great. Than I could create my idea of a coding game to your platform. And I bet there are more out there who want to do the same.


That is a pretty cool idea. But it would have to be done in such a way as to allow the community to moderate these challenges. Perhaps the community could vote on them on different attributes such as difficulty, problem quality, topic (and maybe add tags).

and/or to be reviewed by CG team

Hi guys,

We love that idea at CodinGame. Needless to say it requires a lot of stuff on our side… :slight_smile: We’ll talk about it internally next Monday.
What do you think about a survey here enabling people to vote for features (and to suggest new ones like this one)?


a survey would be good (as long is it’s sensible in length :smile:)