ASCII art puzzle discussion


The Internal Field Separator that is used for word splitting after expansion and to split lines into words with the read builtin command. The default value is “[space][tab][newline]”.


Yes, I tried settin nil to IFS and it worked… Thank you


Any help to get started with this one? I have no idea where to start. I’m coding with javascript, but any info on basic principles on how to transform characters to art would be appreciated!


Thank you SO MUCH. Want to give you a hug !!


dont transform, create them


hi I am a relatively new coder I only have limited skill in C# and JavaScript
could someone help me with how I am supposed to pass the example I am stuck


Better tell us what is blocking you :wink:


hi I am confused I am a new coder with very little experience I cannot figure out how to even make the E that it asks for in the First step could you help me


I cannot even figure out the first step


hi bro

Try “CODERS STRIKES BACK”… is easyest to firts steps.



I see a matrix work here to solve this problem… where each 4 characters is a letter.
so… dividing the chars by 4 we have the position of any character on the array.

good luck! :smile: hugs from Brasil


Maybe this video will help you:


I spent 2 hours overthinking this problem before finally realizing it was way simpler than I was making it out to be. Looking through the comments, I think I’m not the only one who was tripped up by the wording of the problem, so I’d like to clarify for those confused:

  1. You do not have to create the ASCII art yourself. You are provided an ASCII alphabet A-Z and an ASCII “?”. These are all provided to you in one String. You need to figure out how to read that String so that you’re printing the correct characters in the correct sequence.

  2. You are given L, the length of each ASCII letter in character spaces. You are given H, the height of each ASCII letter in character spaces. This should help you figure out what part of the String that contains the ASCII letters you need to access.

Disclaimer: I’m programming in JavaScript.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Just solved this puzzle. :slight_smile:
Whoever still failing the “Ipsum lorem” test case just read what the puzzle rules say about spaces very carefully.


J’ai un problème avec les validateurs 5 et 6…
Je ne les comprends pas…


À quelle condition affiche-t-on un point d’interrogation ?


quand le caractère n’est pas dans l’alphabet
mais dans mon code j’ai fait en sorte de gérer ce problème


C’est bon j’ai réussi le validateur 5
Mais le validateur 6 reste incompréhensible.


tu bloques à quel niveau du 6 ? je bloque aussi sur le 6 pourtant tout sort correctement enfin j’ai l’impression (je ne peux pas encore uploader d’image mon compte est trop récent)
Edit : en fait j’ai un soucis avec le N sur le 6eme grrr j’ai regardé les commentaires plus haut et visiblement je ne suis pas la seule … donc je continue de chercher


How do you build up the different “alphabets” or rather ASCII representations. e.g. 3x5 must look like x, 21 x 11 must look like y.

Are these set formats or do we need to manually code them all to match the test cases?